My Best Card Ever!!!

******WARNING******  There are boobies in this post.

I had to call this post “my best card ever”, because that was the response I got from my husband Steve, when he opened it last week 🙂

First let me start by giving you a little history….. Steve has supported my little craft obsession- but is not a particularly crafty person himself (I don’t think many husbands are LOL). Well his birthday was coming up and I (stupidly) said “what would you like on your card?”…….quick as a flash his response was “a naked chick riding a dragon with a skull in one hand and a sword in the other- and I want it black and gray like a tattoo”. AH HA challenge issued!!!!

I thought about it for a little while and this is what I came up with…….


I thnk it fulfilled all of his requests!!!!     He was certainly happy with it.     I’m just a little scared about what he’ll ask for next year 🙂

The dragon was CASEd directly from one created by Sam Post that you can see here. The only change I made was putting him through the lattice embossing folder to create his scaly skin.

The rest is a punch art naked chick (with the boobies I mentioned earlier), the skull is cut from an image on a Stampin’ Around wheel, the little sword I just snipped out and attached to the screwdriver from the Totally Tools set.

I’d list all of the punches used to create this card but I think it’s just easier to check out the punch page of the SU catalogue and put a tick next to most of them. If you desperately need to know, email me, and I’ll shoot you the details.

Hope you like it as much as he did 🙂


2 Responses to “My Best Card Ever!!!”

  1. Anne E Says:

    WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Shell!! What a card, no wonder Steve was impressed. I certainly am lovely, it is great. You just keep giving us wonderful cards to feast our eyes on in awe. I need to find my missing MO JO somewhere…not sure where.


  2. Mandy Says:

    I’m impressed – love your work.

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