New look????

So what do you think?????

I read somewhere that people dislike dark backgrounds on blogs ’cause it makes them hard to read. So in the spirit of that I’ve done a little change- still plenty of chocolate brown around but should be easier to read.

Let me know your opinion….stick with the change or go back to the wood????

Shell xox

Edited to add…….3 comments that were happy with the wood- I’m going back!!



3 Responses to “New look????”

  1. Casey Says:

    i liked the wood,but that might be due to the wood grain stamp ha ha ha

  2. Ros Hayes Says:

    Go back or go red!

  3. Mad Says:

    I don’t mind this one, but i didn’t mind the last one either. Come visit me and i’ll make you a header like we did for Meges!! xo

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