OMG I found the floor!!!

What floor did I find??? The floor in my craft mess room.

I know I said I would be blogging some of my creating -but every time I went in there to do anything, I was tripping over boxes and digging through piles just to get to my desk, so a overhaul was definitely required 🙂 So after 2 days of sorting and clearing I am happy, no ECSTATIC, to tell you it’s done!!! It did mean some serious culling of hoarded paper and embellishments, a trip to the local tip, as well a number of boxes that will make their way to the preschool storeroom, but now I can see the floor, the top of my desk and lots of bits in between……

 Filing cabinet on the left (with my cardstock organised into families and looking VERY pretty), inkpads on the right, punches and markers within reach too. Some ribbons on the desk as well as the craft caddy with my “must haves” ready to go.

On the wall behind me I have orgainsed my cutter, circle scissors and Big Shot as well some bits and bobs hidden in the baskets under my printer and some paperwork.

 Finally on the wall to my left now lives all of my stamp sets as well as planty of paperwork and other office supplies including envelopes, catlogues, workshop gear etc. Yes the TV lives in here too and it’s the spot the boys come and hang out to watch their stuff and YES they know not to touch Mum’s stamping stuff without asking LOL

So I have a stamping friend coming over tomorrow so I will DEFINITELY  have something I’ve made to show you tomorrow- I promise 🙂


7 Responses to “OMG I found the floor!!!”

  1. Anne E Says:

    That looks fantastic…no before shot though!!! Have fun playing with your “friend” tomorrow and looking forward to seeing more fabbo creations on both your blogs.
    Just remember you can create and talk too!!!

    Have fun

  2. Mandy Berryman Says:

    Wow – you weren’t lying about being able to see the floor – it certainly didn’t look like that last time I was in there. Nice job. Sim was rubbing in your Stampin guest tomorrow. Hope you guys have fun – don’t forget to post something you make – I’m sure it will be worth a post. Catch you on the 17th.

  3. Ros Hayes Says:

    I’m so proud and who said it woud never happen!

  4. Casey Says:

    Nice work Shell, cant wait for my day to come and play!

  5. Margy Maycock Says:

    Go girlfriend, very impressive, you now have the room that we all want to play in. You even got Roz impressed! You might convert her yet (nah) Looking forward to seeing what you two got up to yesterday. After I got you text on Tuesday my shift finished at 1.30 so I went to my room and play for 3 hours as a consolation. Talk soon Margy xx

  6. meganhayes4 Says:

    I’m with you Rosi. Hey, she’s way too busy to worry about the creative space……as long as there’s creating happening, it’s all good! I’m very proud of both you and Mads- tidy studios and room to move.

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