I’m not MIA anymore

Yep I’m back….but more importantly where have I been? Well apart from the busy day to day life, I was getting organised to attend our SU regional training, finishing up another term at preschool, organising a workshop or 2 as well as was writing an instruction manual for my children,yep ‘instruction manual’.  (I have been accused of being a little bit anal more than once 🙂 )  Granny Ros (my mum) was coming to take over for 4 nights. Why? My husband, Steve, and I escaped for 4 nights!!! Yep Hamilton Island and us ALONE- a bit of a second honeymoon after 10 years.

Gorgeous aren’t we???!!!???!!

And yes we were there the same time as all that rain- 187mm on our first full day All of that indoor weather and me without any stamps, cardstock or ink……movie and a pizza instead.


5 Responses to “I’m not MIA anymore”

  1. Toni Allen Says:

    Sensational! Sorry about the weather…

  2. Mad Says:

    oh what a spunky couple you are!! So glad you had a nice time. You look so happy in this picture!! Can’t wait to see you stamping up a storm in the new STUDIO soon!! xoxo

  3. Anne E Says:

    Welcome back!!! What a fabulous photo, veeeeeeeeeeeery nice!!! I am thinkin’ though, there was a lot more goin’ on than pizza and a movie….he he. Glad you had a fabbo time and you finally did get there after hurdling many an obstacle.
    Can’t wait to see some creations now that you would be itching to get stamping again.


  4. Margy Maycock Says:

    Yes you are gorgeous not doubt at all. Had been watching the weather on the net which is a shame but I know you two would find something to amuse yourselves with. I do hope your new swim wear got out and about! Love the look of our next Stampin retreat next year.
    Tell Meg’s I will be there with bells on at next meeting Oct 12th. Thanks again for your help with my car the other day – boy was I glad to get home!!
    Look forward to catching up soon.
    Enjoy the rest of your break. Love Me xxxx

  5. kirstyscardnscrap Says:

    Hey Shell! You lucky girl you! There are a lot of things you can do while it’s raining though……..oh hang on, that’s my list for kids activities! LOL! I’m so glad you guys got some alone time. It does the heart good!
    Talk soon!

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