Spending the day with a sock monkey

As some of you may have heard, I managed to injure myself at work yesterday, and as a result have been at home, leg up, for the past two days. The HUGE advantage in this situation is I have been able to complete swaps, pack and get organised for convention with time to spare (there had to be a positive).


Because I was home for the day I also got the job of keeping Madonna’s sock monkey company before he accompanies Megan (my upline and neighbour) and I to convention. Here he is sitting on my desk—yes I had time to clean it—- looking after my box of swaps.

Isn’t the box gorgeous???? It’s brown and flocked, yep flocked, a gift from my generous upline, thanks Meges 🙂


3 Responses to “Spending the day with a sock monkey”

  1. meganhayes4 Says:

    WOW! Is that your desk. See! The monkey is soooo helpful. I think we may NEVER give him back to Madonna.

  2. Mad Says:

    love it Shell!! I hope you taught the little blighter how to clean stamps and put them away!! lol

  3. Anne E Says:

    WOW!!! The desk!!! Amazing what you can do on one leg. Hope you and your little friend had a great day together and gues what???? NO MORE SLEEPS!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


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